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“Jeff Bullion is a consummate coach. (he is) both professional and relate-able.  I was working towards a goal with one of my kids, and he managed to both keep me on course, while championing me in my endeavor.  I would recommend him to anyone, and especially anyone that wants to move to the next level.  Jeff’s expertise and transparency are gifts that inspired me on my journey.”
Laura C. NY

“I was experiencing a lot of frustration with my never ending “to-do” lists and one question from Jeff regarding changing my “to do” list to a “to be” list released me from a bondage I had been carrying throughout my lifetime.  My value of being peaceful was far greater than my need to check off a lot of boxes!”
Cathi Marcus

Boynton Beach, FL.

Hello , I am so grateful you are here!

Hi I’m Jeff Bullion.   

You’re probably wondering what a Spiritual Fitness Coach is? 

As a Spiritual Fitness Coach, I help others transform their bodies and minds by combining my certifications as a personal trainer, spiritual life coach and nutritionist along with teaching the Divine Intelligence Process. Through insight & intentional behavior, my clients find self-acceptance and learn to apply their inherent strengths toward their goals. I love helping trailblazers achieve their fitness goals and gain a new perspective on life. 

Spiritual Fitness Coaching Philosophy

Motivation becomes sustainable and perpetual when you learn to find it from within yourself. 

Each of us has our own unique essence or spiritual nature within. We all have talents and strengths that are unique to us.  Unfortunately, our nature gets buried under years of conditioned messages from the outside world that tell you “who” you should be, “how” you should act and what you should be doing with your life.

As a spiritual fitness coach, I’ll work with you to uncover your talents and ambitions.  First, we’ll identify the things that are preventing you from doing the things you want to do. Simultaneously, we’ll begin to establish the new unlimited thinking that will help you achieve your goals.  Along the way, we’ll define your fitness requirements, identify your strengths, tailor a program to your individual needs and then we’ll implement it.

Turning Life Around delivers Life Coaching, Nutritional guidance, Personal Training and Transformational Experiences.


I’m looking for Trailblazers

Why trailblazers?   Because trailblazer don’t need to follow in another’s footsteps. Trailblazers forge their own paths to get where they need to go.  They make their own rules and don’t buy into the status quo.   Trailblazers arn’t afraid of getting stuck. They’re always pushing their comfort zones, they use their imagination, creativity, intelligence and sense of adventure to tame seemingly impossible obstacles, they take chances, and they recognize their failure as an opportunity to learn and grow, they understand that their success is a byproduct of their effort.  They are pioneers when it comes to dealing with life’s challenges.  They apply courage, confidence and faith to deal with the uncertainty and the unknown. Trailblazers don’t do it alone.  They value having resources around them that enhance their own strengths and they are willing to pull when others push, and push when others pull.

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  • NASM/NCCA Certified Personal Trainer #1170107920
  • ACTP Certified Spiritual Life Coach 
  • Member International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • Divine Intelligence Process Coach
  • PN1 certified nutritional coach

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