Our lives are like an ongoing, always evolving symphony where vitality is the Orchestra and you are the Conductor.   

The absolute intention of any great conductor is to deliver rich, full, sumptuous, well blended sound for the enjoyment of others.  In order to achieve this, the conductor must provide selfless, uncompromising leadership for their orchestra so that the symphonic output is a beautiful expression of their collective musical effort.    

As the conductor of your own life, you are responsible for leading and orchestrating your own vitality.  You must have a plan that synchronizes the orchestra and allows your talents and emotions to play from the same sheet of music.  You are responsible for bringing order and balance into your life.  Without order and balance, your life would be a cacophony of random sounds. There would be no virtuosity, no rhythm, no cadence, no contrast between the high and low notes of your life.  Without your leadership and courage, the orchestra would be in disarray.  Each musician would play their instrument at whatever volume and tone they wanted.  They would play whenever they wanted and it would be chaos.  No one would be interested in listening to the music of your life.  

Our resources, our abilities and our talents are like the instruments of the orchestra.  Our creativity, wisdom, imagination, courage and curiosity are like the strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion.  Each is distinctive, each serves a specific purpose and each contributes equally to deliver the sounds and rhythm of our life. They must work in balance and harmony to deliver the symphony that we call living.  

Our emotions fuel our talents like the musicians of the orchestra who bring life to their instruments.  They supply the energy needed to animate and express the motive of each instrument.  Like the musician to their instruments, our emotions generate the energy that breathes life into our talents. 

To properly conduct our lives, we must be able to summon each instrument at precisely the right time.  We must learn to call on each talent and each resource with meaning and specificity to assure symphonic form and fluidity.  There must be an unconditional trust for the wisdom that each emotion and talent can contribute to your life.  Talents and emotions express their wisdom by knowing when to accompany and when to lead. They know when to play each note and at which lengths and volume.  Through practice, understanding and time you learn to appreciate each for their individual strength.  Individually, they are brilliant, together they provide virtuosity and versatility to life.  With experience, a good conductor learns to lead his orchestra through the high and low notes of life.   

A conductor can be proud and have confidence in his orchestra but, they are never content. It is their responsibility to grow and stretch the potential of the orchestra.  A good conductor is curious and interested in the world.  They are excited to learn challenging and different compositions.  They are open to discovering and examining new musicians and calling on unfamiliar instruments to enhance the versatility of the orchestra.  This allows them to express more musical depth, richness and variety in their life.  Although these talents and emotions feel unfamiliar at first, the conductor invests time and attention to measure their value and as a result, they find cohesion and become one with the orchestra.  Over time, the Orchestra expands, it diversifies, and as a result, it is capable of expressing more variety and it becomes a beautiful paradox of refinement and complexity.  

Our vitality is a dynamic process that must be orchestrated for our lives to be in harmony.  As the conductor of our own lives, we must be able to trust ourselves and we must be able to trust our talents and emotions.  Like a conductor with his baton, we cannot wield our talents and emotions with feverish force but instead, with a selfless intention of bringing joy to others through the expression of our own life.  Our vitality must have a rhythm, it needs to be balanced and it needs to be synchronized to deliver the symphony of life.