My Trust is sacred. 

From within, from the heart of men, the designs of evil come 

You must earn my Trust, I will not give it to you 

It doesn’t sit idle, it guards my Truth with courage and conviction 

It nurtures my faith and kindles my love 

My Trust is the gateway to my essence and my being 

It is the sentry guarding my thoughts, feelings, emotions and a peaceful mind 

sexual vice, stealing, greed, murder, adultery, lust, malice, deceit, sensuality, envying, slander, arrogance, recklessness 

It is armored with my conscience, impenetrable by your corruption 

Corrupt him, defile him, make him ugly, sinful, nauseating to God and to man. That is what sin does 

Manipulation is futile, my Trust will flash the shield of perception and wield the sword of insight to discern your intention  

You must earn my Trust, I will not give it to you 

It is only through my Dominion and your noble actions 

I will walk with clean hands and a pure heart 

My Trust is sacred